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Neena's Om Shanti Yoga

Neena's lovely students have shared their experiences!

Dearest Neena, With age and time I?m discovering that for me it is my quest for ongoing learning that keeps me feeling alive and gives me a sense of purpose and meaning.

But I think in my quest to learn I also seek teachers and guides; perhaps it's an old wiring of the teacher student relationship where wisdom and reverence are woven beautifully. Not everyone is a great teacher and hence when reverence shows up it's a testament. Thank you so much for our time today. I know you went beyond with your time and teaching with utmost generosity and warmth. I feel you tenderness and although it's not easy for me to embrace that loving kindness from another, I find myself easing into your warmth. I feel so much lighter since our class today and so look forward to the next ones. I'll be mindful of your time and not over-extend my stay as well. Please forgive me for that from today. With gratitude and love, MS July 2/20

Thanks again for the wonderful yoga class-made such a difference when I got up this morning -no tightness in the back and hips- feel really good. Brooke M.

Neena offers a class that brings you through gentle flow, centered asanas,and self awareness. She explores the feminine expression of yoga and allows space for students to create their own practice, with her bright presence creating a welcoming environment. Thank you, Neena, for providing a place of calm in a busy day. Doris

I was intuitively drawn to Neena's yoga class because she emanates so much love and joy in her class. Although I'm a beginner, it also seemed to me that she went beyond explaining the yoga asanas into vedic philosophy which I like a lot. Garner

I'm sorry that I won't have a proper chance to say goodbye to the group, but please pass along my regrets and warmest regards. I don't know how I am going to find a better group to enjoy my Monday evenings with. I will miss everyone. Your classes brought so much peace and happiness to my life, and the group made my cheeks sore with laughing almost every time, which is a beautiful thing as well! Erica

It has been so lovely to come back to your classes. Thank you for your gift of yoga! Jasmyne

What a great class to gain flexibility and peacefulness~Peter S.

After trying out several of the local yoga studios I've found one that I like, but not as much as your classes. No one else emphasizes careful transitions between postures as well as you do, and you also do such a good job bringing in influences from different types of yoga and meditation etc. Anyways, your email just reminded me that I had been meaning to drop you a line and tell you how special your classes are. :) Hope all is well with you and all the other yogis. Hugs, Sarah

I've been attending Neena's weekly yoga classes for about 10 months now, and am so glad that I found her! Neena made me feel instantly welcome in her class, and the atmosphere is very supportive, friendly, and totally non-competitive. Neena excels at providing individualized attention to each student, and always has lots of creative ideas for how to best adapt the poses for each student. She often has themes for her classes (such as working with the chakras or the ayurvedic types), and she also shares information about the philosophy of yoga, so there is much more depth to her classes than just the physical poses. I really appreciate the fact that Neena also includes meditation and relaxation time in her classes, and she really makes an effort to make each class a special experience for everyone involved. I look forward to every class, and always feel great in body, mind, and spirit when I leave! I highly recommend Neena's yoga classes, for anyone from a total beginner to an experienced yoga practitioner. Nahanni, Vancouver, BC. Professional Intuitive (Akashic Record readings)

Hi Neena,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed participating in your yoga series, and was sad to see it end!

I've been practicing yoga on and off for 25 years, and honestly yours was the most enjoyable and thorough. My previous Yogi's have bullied, rushed or just simply were doing the movements without interpreting the breath and flow. I appreciated your patience and ability to slow me down and as a result I breathe properly and am finding my new job less stressful. It did take a while to get used to not doing 10-15 difficult poses in an hour but I did learn that I can get the same results in a gentler manner. And I like it better!

You are truly wonderful and I hope to continue in your next series! Do you have a day picked yet? I'm trying to schedule committees and would work around if I know in advance! Namaste, Angie

"I LOVED your Chakra series! It was wonderful to focus on each chakra and learn more about them." Sandy

"This is more than breathing and stretching. Neena?s class is a fundamental restoration of body, mind, and spirit." Jennifer H

"I really enjoy our sessions and recently bought a second yoga mat to use at home while keeping one in Bob's office. I like all the exercises we do, for strength, flexibility, balance, relaxation. I've also tried numerous yoga DVDs, but they are either too slow, too fast, too easy or too hard for me! So I mostly practice the postures we do in your classes - I find them just right." Ika

"Neena and her classes have added ease and joy to my life. I sit straighter, stand taller, and am even calmer! By the end of each class, my body feels well-stretched, and the balance restored. Neena's approach is so gentle and sweet. I look forward to her practical wisdom and the nuggets she shares. I haven't yet been able to make room for yoga in my life everyday, but everyday I manage to include a concept Neena has introduced - and that allows me to live life more present and aware of each moment.

One of my favourite Neena-isms is this: She reminds us that no matter how many poses we have accomplished or how experienced we may be as yogis, we are all beginners always. She says approaching your practice this way makes us more mindful. And so this is the perfect place for all of us! I look forward to each and every class. Thank You Neena! Tamara S (sourcepoint student)"

Thank you Neena, your class is good for stiff joints like mine and your slow pace of instructions helps ~ Nadine 

Dear Neena,

Thank you So very much for bringing yoga and your beautiful presence into my life. I will miss our class and you so much when I move to California next week. Keep dreaming and believing Neena! I know you're amazing gifts of teaching and spiritual guidance will soon serve many. With much love and gratitude. Namaste, Liz 2007

"Just wanted to give you the benefits of your January 11 yoga class for your info. I really enjoyed that sequence. When we first started and had to sit on the back of the legs and ankles I was in pain!!!! After doing the sequence of downward dog, hand and shoulder through one leg then the other (name of pose?), and then the warrior pose, sun salutations, I could then sit comfortably and without pain when again sitting back on my legs and ankles. As you had mentioned, focusing with the breath through these areas releases tightness and creates flexibility. WELL DONE!!! I very much enjoyed last night class as well as it improves my flexibility in my back and hips where I need it most. I also think it has helped my shoulder in more movement and flexibility as well. " Thanks again. Brooke M.

I am coming to the end of my stay in Vancouver and I didn't want to leave without thanking you for being the catalyst in my Yoga journey. I am really glad that I started my yoga classes with you because you reminded me of the eternal essentials of Yoga: the peacefulness and calm that the asanas create which awakens one's experience of Spirit. The teacher is so critical in this process during the yoga class with the attitude, affirmation, certainly skill and knowledge and, of course, their own spiritual presence. You embody all these aspects and I am so grateful that I had a chance to experience a few classes with you! Albert

I truly appreciate your yoga classes every week and being in your presence, your heart is filled with gold.


What a wonderful gift to share, such peace! Thanks Pat H.

Ahhhhhhhhh..................with heart & thanks, Joanie

Neena Ji, you are a wonderful teacher, nice to have you. Jeet 2006

Dear Neena,

I think it's quite fitting that I'm the first to write my testimonial in your notebook. Why you ask? Well, because you've changed my life by sharing Shanti Yoga with me!

As you know, I've always been physical, and I've always been spiritual, and I've always been searching for ways to enrich my life. But, it's never all come together. Never, that is until we started our twice weekly yoga sessions.

With your help, I've found a new spiritualism that makes me look at my life and our world in a new way. Through guidance of your soft voice and gentle touch, I've taken my mind and body to place's they've never been before.

So you see, you've changed my life. Thank you for sharing this gift with me. DeNel 2000